User Manual

To support as much desktop devices as possible both linux and Unix executables of the client were built for the i386 Processor architecture.


Make the installer ( executable and double click it afterwards.

$ chmod u+x

On Linux systems OpenGL and X11 are required for the game client to work. For the audio output libao4 is required.
You can install these packages on Debian based systems with following commands:

$ sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt install -y libx11-6:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libao4:i386


Just double-click the self extracting install_windows.exe archive and coose where to extract the game client to.

How to Play

Connect to Server

At first a user has to connect to a running game server. To do so double click the Game executable and enter server IP-Address and port.
These details can be obtained by an server operator. Afterwards the connect button has to be clicked.

Connect to server

Game Phases

After connecting to the server a player joins one of following three game phases. If there is currently a game going on the player joins
as spectrator and has to wait until a new Pre-Game-Phase starts.



Presents a lobby of connected players and their assigned colors. All players in this lobby are allowed to play in the next In-Game-Phase.



After the Pre-Game-Phase countdown reaches zero the game begins. The player model can be moved with "w", "a", "s", "d" or the arrow keys.
To place a bomb the space bar has to be used. The goal of the game is to kill all other players. On the lower left
the remaining lifes are displayed.



The winner of the game is the last player on the map. At the end of an game a leaderboard is presented.

connect.png View - Connect to server (7.96 KB) Daniel Giritzer, 12/20/2018 03:20 AM

pregame.png View - Pre-Game-Phase (9.1 KB) Daniel Giritzer, 12/20/2018 03:20 AM

ingame.png View - In-Game-Phase (127 KB) Daniel Giritzer, 12/20/2018 03:20 AM

postgame.png View - Post-Game-Phase (5.81 KB) Daniel Giritzer, 12/20/2018 03:20 AM