• Allwinner Composite Video Configuration Tool

    This is an simple program to configure the composite video output of many different Allwinner SoC by directly manipulating the TV-Encoder registers....

  • Dart Counter

    Simple touch optimated dart counter. Useful for RaspberryPi projects.

    Check the Files section for Linux, Windows and Android installers!

    Clonable git url:

  • Doc Tool

    Platform Independent Tool for generating software documentations

    Graphical tool which allows simple generation of software documentations with the help of LaTex and Doxygen....

  • ESDBomber

    Cross Platform Network Multiplayer Bomberman/Clanbomber Clone

    written in C++

    This project currently consists of two subprojects:
    1. C++ Server
    2. C++ FLTK Client

    To dowload the newest release check the files tab....

    • ESDBomber FLTK Client

      Clanbomber client implementation using FLTK and OpenGL.

      Peter Wendt: Scrum Master
      David Haberleitner: Repository, Developer
      Edwin Schweiger: Developer
      Daniel Giritzer: Owner

    • ESDBomber Server

      ESDBomber Server

  • FLTK MVC Template

    Cross platform FLTK MVC template.

    Clonable git url:

  • Little Debian

    A minimalistic Cross Platform Desktop Environment Based on Debian.

    This project uses an collection of stock debian packages to create an minimalistic, but full featured cross platform desktop environment.

Also available in: Atom